Performing Arts at Coatesville Primary School includes weekly classroom lessons and is enhanced by instrumental and choral opportunities. Music – vocal and instrumental - is the focus of classroom time and aspects of Drama and Dance are included for each grade during the year. An emphasis on singing and the practical use of classroom instruments gives our students the chance to develop skills which they apply to their creative tasks. Music signs and symbols are introduced at Prep and students begin to read and compose with basic notation from this level. Recorders are played in Grades 3 and 4 and all students strum chords and sing with ukuleles from Grade 1 to 6. The Junior and Senior Choirs perform at school and local community events.

Guitar, drum kit and keyboard lessons are available during school hours for students in Grade 1 to 6. Instrumental students are encouraged to perform for their peers in the classroom, at assemblies and school events.

The school celebrates a whole school performance on alternative years. Other performance opportunities include the Mothers' Day Lunch, grade assemblies, French week, Arts Fiesta and school Festival.