Visual Arts is taught weekly by a specialist teacher. Visual Art provides students with an insight into the rich, historical and cultural world around them. It cultivates self-expression, imagination and creativity, as well as critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Visual Art at Coatesville Primary School consists of the following Dimensions:

  • Creating and making which focuses ideas, skills, techniques processes and presentations.
  • Exploring and responding which focuses on context, interpreting and responding, criticism and aesthetics.


Students experience a variety of Arts disciplines that encompass painting, drawing, textiles, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media and technology both in 2D and 3D form. By their explorations students learn applications of different techniques and develop skills in design. Students build responses to their own and others' artworks, teaching them how to work both individually or cooperatively in groups.

In an age when information is being communicated visually at an unprecedented rate, these skills of analysis and interpretation are important to all students.

Coatesville also offers a Gifted Arts program which continues to challenge and extend those students who are already excelling, as too an Integrated Art Program that helps develop meaning between language and art for students that need extra support.

Coatesville exhibits artwork around our school, and bi-annually we hold an Arts Fiesta Week.  It is with pride that our school grounds display large murals and artworks commissioned by a visiting artist-in-residence. These artworks will continue to be reminders for those involved, both past and present, of their time here at Coatesville.