Physical Education

Coatesville Primary School employs two full time specialist Physical Education teachers. The promotion of healthy living and active leisure time activities are deemed to be of the highest priority. The connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind is an important part of living a happy life.

Physical Education is a sequentially developed and comprehensive skills based program from Prep–6.
It offers:
  • Fundamental Motor Skills - Prep–2
  • Perceptual Motor Program – Prep
  • Ball handling
  • Fitness Activities
  • Gymnastics
  • Athletics
  • Dance
  • Modified Games
  • Minor & Major Games
  • Swimming - Prep–6
The Sports Program offers:
  • Intra-school Carnivals in Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics
  • Weekly Inter-school competition. (Bentleigh District Primary School Sports Association)
  • Winter Season (Grade 5–6) - Football, Soccer, Netball, Sofcrosse, Rounders and Tennis
  • Summer Season (Grade 5–6) - Cricket, Flag Tag Rugby, Volleyball, Volleystars, Lawn Bowls, Softball and Cricket.
  • District Swimming, Cross-Country & Athletics Carnivals.
  • Division Competitions
  • Regional Competitions
  • State Competitions
  • National Competitions
  • Snowsports Camp (Mt. Buller) (Grade 3–6)
  • National Ride 2 School day
  • Bike Education
All students are designated a "House" when they are enrolled at Coatesville. Our House Names are: Coates (Green), Mackie (Red), Marriott (Blue) & Gould (Yellow).
As part of our promotion of healthy living students are encouraged to:
  • Walk to school
  • Take part in an extra curricular sporting activity
  • Join a Coatesville affiliated sporting organisation
  • Ride a bike to school store it safely in the bike-shed. Helmets must be worn.