Languages (LOTE)

Coatesville Primary School offers French as its Language Other than English.  

Students from Prep to Grade 6 participate in LOTE lessons (one lesson per week). Through the IB-PYP, our school is developing ways to acknowledge mother tongue and increase international mindedness through the Programme of Inquiry.

French at Coatesville Primary School consists of the following dimensions:
·         Communicating in a language other than English
·         Intercultural knowledge and language awareness.

The teaching and learning of French focus on the development of four key communication skills:
• Listening • Reading • Speaking • Writing

This is achieved through the implementation of units of inquiry, and through a variety of approaches and strategies including: inquiry learning open ended tasks, activity based learning, collaborative and cooperative work, problem solving and an acknowledgement of individual learning styles.

Through their explorations students develop linguistic competence, intercultural capability, understanding of and respect for diversity and difference, extend their knowledge of how language works, strengthen intellectual, analytical and reflective capabilities and enhance their creative and critical thinking.

They also practice their language skills through participation in French Poetry competition (Gr.3-6) and correspondence with French penpals from Paris and Meudon (Gr.4-6).